[Issues that need attention when installing stainless steel pipes]

We are a supplier of fluid pipeline technology, specializing in the research and development, production and sales of fluid pipelines and accessories. We have been focusing on the research and development of stainless steel pipelines and their promotion and application. Scientific quality management system and advanced production equipment. Let’s take a look at the issues you need to pay attention to when installing stainless steel water pipes
1. PPR water pipes, copper pipes and steel-plastic water pipes are usually used for home decoration water pipes. Generally, the price of steel-plastic pipes is relatively high, but the price of fittings for PPR water pipes is relatively high. The price of copper pipe is equivalent to about 4 times that of PPR pipe, which is the most expensive water pipe.
2. It is best not to lay the water pipe from the ground, try to run the line from the top or the wall. Although it will cost more pipe material, it is more convenient for pipeline maintenance in the future.
3. Separate cold and hot water pipes, because the wall thickness of cold and hot water pipes is different, cold water pipes can never be used as hot water pipes. The easy way to distinguish between the two is a red line mark on the hot water pipes.
4. The water pipe for home decoration should pay attention to the difference between the diameter and the wall thickness. Usually, the main pipe needs 6 branches, and the branch pipe uses 4 pipes.
5. When purchasing stainless steel pipes for home decoration, pay attention to whether the inner diameter of the pipe is well-balanced. Because this will affect the connection of the two interfaces.
7. According to national regulations, the newly installed water supply pipeline shall be pressurized according to relevant regulations. The test pressure of the plastic pipe is 0.8MPa, and the pressure is kept for 20 minutes. The pressure drop in the pipe should not exceed 0.05MPa, and there is no leakage. The test pressure of the metal and its composite pipe is 0.6MPa, and the pressure is kept for 10 minutes. The pressure drop in the pipe should not exceed 0.02MPa, and there is no leakage.

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Post time: 2020-06-22
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