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प्रत्येक एयरलाइन मुक्त सलाद लेखक lorem पारिस्थितिक amehasellus गर्भवती है लेकिन डेवलपर egestda.

Shoulong पाइपलाइन प्रौद्योगिकी कं, लिमिटेड

Shoulong पाइपलाइन प्रौद्योगिकी कंपनी लिमिटेड. एक सप्लायर तरल पदार्थ पाइपलाइन प्रौद्योगिकी के क्षेत्र में लगी हुई है,अनुसंधान और विकास में विशेषज्ञता,उत्पादन और तरल पदार्थ पाइपलाइनों की बिक्री और accessories.The कंपनी हमेशा अनुसंधान और स्टेनलेस स्टील पाइप के विकास और उनके लोकप्रिय बनाने और पर ध्यान केंद्रित किया गया है application.It एक पूर्ण और वैज्ञानिक गुणवत्ता प्रबंधन प्रणाली और उन्नत उत्पादन उपकरण है.

समाचार से नवीनतम

गर्भवती, जब तक यह amehasellus sem Quisque porttitor lorem फ्रिंगिला बदलाव egestda liberoet के लेखक.

  • We all know that when stainless steel pipes leave the factory, they need to be pickled and passivated. However, sometimes users encounter re-degreasing treatment for pipelines? As far as the pipeline is concerned, the more reasonable degreasing should be completed on-site, that is, after the pipeline is completely installed, the degreasing treatment should be carried out in the entire pipeline system. Generally, manufacturers will not be allowed to perform degreasing treatment. So, what exactly is required for manufacturers to degrease pipes? With the increasing level of industrialization in my country and the vigorous development of petrochemical, natural gas, medical equipment, instrumentation, aviation, aerospace, and other industrial projects, the requirements for stainless steel pipe technology are becoming higher and higher. For…
  • As early as more than a decade ago, some developed countries such as the United States, Europe, and Japan have abandoned traditional pipes such as galvanized steel pipes, plastic pipes, and copper pipes and turned to stainless steel water pipes. The use of stainless steel water pipes is becoming a global development application. Now stainless steel has become the best hydropower installation material on the world home decoration market. In 1980, Japan formulated industrial standards (JIS g 3448-stainless steel pipes for general piping), and in 1982, the Japan Water Works Association formulated jwwa g 115-stainless steel water pipes for water supply and jwwa g 116-stainless steel water pipe joints for tap water, and subsequently formulated Stainless steel bellows standard. In…
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